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You’ve reached the home of author Lauren Jameson.

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NAL brings you a sensational new tale

from the author of Surrender to Temptation and Blush

There’s only one man who makes her want to give in… Breathe.

Elijah and Samantha meet on December 3, 2013.

Be there. You’ll be glad you were.


“Tantalizingly sensual and shockingly intense, Jameson’s second In Vino Veritas book combines the erotic and the artistic in a novel packed with steamy tension. Though there are some elements of this genre that are growing increasingly familiar, Jameson does an excellent job making this story feel original and daring, providing a hero whose moments of self-doubt make him increasingly sympathetic and a scarred heroine whose courage can break down any resistance.”
Romantic Times Book Reviews on BREATHE

Jameson’s writing in Breathe parallels her heroine’s glass-blowing art: a delicate touch, a white-hot intensity, and the reminder that one wrong move shatters all. Elijah and Samantha’s story is a must-read that will linger.
Julia Kent, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“Steamy, honest, and emotional, this is a sensual tale of submission,
control, and love. Beautifully written with compelling, strong
characters, Breathe will leave you breathless.”
Sharon Page, USA Today Bestselling author






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